True angling isn’t in the gear, but in the finesse of the fisherman.

While your skills are the cornerstone of successful angling, the right gear can enhance your fishing experience. Despite the truth in the quote above, we recognise that quality equipment can make a difference. Here, we share the gear that we trust and recommend, aiming to assist you in your angling journey.

Fishing Pole with a fishing attachment often called hook

Essential for securing bait and catching fish, available in various sizes and styles.

A fishingpole on a dock with a sunset in the background

A rod used to cast the line and reel in fish, varying in length and flexibility.

Fishing pole with a fishing bait attached

Attracts fish, can be live (like worms) or artificial (like lures), depends on target species.

Fishing line photo

Connects the hook and bait to the pole, strength and visibility vary based on fishing conditions.

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